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This sturdy top quality harness makes you look sexy and masculine — Black heavy-duty leather 1 1/2 inches straps that wrap around your shoulders, back and chest, showing your pecs beautifully.


1) 100% Premium Genuine Leather.
2) Quality rings, buckles, and fittings.
3) Has two 1 1/2 inches (38mm) D rings for attaching extra gear.
4) All the rivets are insulated from the body by leather (nickel protection).
5) Quality stitching throughout.
6) Ideal for puppy roll play or taking the most out of a fetish party!
7) Five sizes:
S - fit chest circumference of 34-37 inches / 86-94 cm"
S/M - it chest circumference of 37-40 inches / 94-100 cm".
M - fit chest circumference of 40-43 inches / 100-109 cm"
M/L - fit chest circumference of 43-46 inches / 109-117cm".
L - fit chest circumference of 46-52 inches / 117-132 cm".

Bulldog Chest Harness, HEAVY-DUTY leather, Puppy play

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