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This high quality hand crafted restraint medical collar ensure that your partner is under your control. Our EXTRA padded restraints will have you snugly locked! Soft padded leather lining keeps your neck comfortable and protects your pressure points so you can struggle safely! These premium collar is 6.5 cm" (2.5") width, and reinforced with three layers of leather.

1) Ideal to control and restraint!!!
2) All studs are covered by leather to protect your skin.
3) Premium D rings and fittings.
4) Use a padlock for extra security. (YOU GET ONE FREE PADLOCK)
5) Measures approx. 2.5" inch (6.5 cm" ) in width.
6) SIZE S/M Fits necks 12"-16.5" (31-42 cm").
7) SIZE M/L Fits necks 14"-18.5" (36-47 cm").
8) Quality stitching throughout.

Extra medical padded thigh cuffs soft padded

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