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Bonbdsm Puppy Leather Muzzle will keep their mouth sealed! 

The Pup head Harness has an exceptional fit, outstanding durability, and an attractive design. Superb quality standard as all of our leather.  This fine human Dog head harness is the sexiest looking muzzle we have ever made!!! 

It has a removable Gag with three choices of style and two choices of color.

Fully adjustable to fit a wide range of head sizes and ensures the muzzle remains centered. Features are locking buckles, D rings, and a soft padded leather lining.





1. Premium Quality Leather and Silicone.
2. Comfortable soft paddings.
3. Five straps with locking buckles to ensure the harness remains in place.
4. Three choices of gags style and two choices of color.
5. Quality rivets and hardware throughout.
6. Can use the locking buckles with or without padlocks.
7. All rivets are backed with leather, so the metal doesn't touch your skin.
8. We offer the Muzzle in two sizes: (check our pics to know how to measure)  

Size S-M - (neck) 1=30-41 cm/ 12-16' Inches, (mouth) 2=44.5-53 cm/ 17.5-21' inches, (chin)3=58-71 cm/ 23-28' inches, (forehead) 4=48-61 cm/ 19-24' inches.

Size M-L = (neck) 1=42-52 cm/ 16.5-20.5' Inches, (mouth) 2=50-60 cm/ 19.5-23.5' inches, (chin)3=59-73 cm/ 23-29' inches, (forehead) 4=51-64 cm/ 20-25' inches.

Leather puppy muzzle with a removable gag - dog pup hood mask

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