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A high-quality paddle that slaps and spanks misbehavior in the very best way!


Bonbdsm two sides spanking paddle slapper is a superb piece of art and will leave a pleasant stinging sensation on your partner. The paddle makes a loud whacking sound that empowers the scene. The polished stainless steel handle has a tie to support a firm handle grip or hang the paddle on your playroom wall.


The tough paddle look makes a real impression. If you're heavily into spanking then, you'll get plenty of enjoyable moments out of this!


1. Quality Stainless Steel Handle and Leather.
2. Two sides, one soft to pat and another stiff to strike.
3. The handle Measures approximately
Medium paddle: 5 3/4' inch/ 14 cm".
Large paddle: 7' inch / 17.5 cm".
4. Paddle Measures approximately
Medium paddle: 15' inch/ 38 cm" in total length.
Large paddle: 19' inch/ 49 cm" in total length.
5. Includes a tie for wrapping around the wrist or hanging on your wall.

Paddle flogger slapper, two sides loud spanking

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