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Blindfold their eyes, let the remaining senses focus on your sound, smells, and physical contact. Take your time, build a higher excitement and anticipation, as they cannot see what to expect. 

Bonbdsm soft Leather Blindfold is easy to adjust on the eyes and block the light, giving the feeling of total darkness. Our X Aviator blindfold is made from beautifully soft leather with a comfortable soft sponge lining, enough for long-term wear.

1) The high-quality lockable buckle can be locked with or without a padlock.
2) Quality soft leather and stitching.
3) Leather lining, all rivets are covered, no metal touches the skin.
4) Adjustable eyes discs, comfortably lined with a soft sponge for long-term wear.

X Aviator Blindfold - soft sponge padded leather blindfolds

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