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There are moments during bondage play when they want their partner to keep their mouth shut. Does it sound familiar to you? If yes, consider the Silicone Mouth Penis Gag. 


This BDSM penis gag is one of the best out there. Made of 100% pure silicone, it is non-toxic, totally safe, and has a completely neutral taste. 

The gag fits easily, using a buckle closure. 


1) Penis Gag size: Diameter 1.5' (3.5cm"), Length 2.2' (5.6cm").
2) Quality Leather and Non-toxic Silicone. 
3) Has comfortable leather lining. No metal touches the skin.
4) Uses quality buckle for secure closure.
5) Designed to ensure that your partner keeps their mouth shut.
6) Fits all sizes.

BDSM Silicone Penis Ball Gag

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