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This beautiful bondage Hood is made from top-quality leather and designed to offer a comfortable sensory deprivation with a zipper to open free your eyes and mouth. Close or open the zipper, and the sub looks entirely changed! The experience inside can change instantly, unzip the leather cover, and your slave can see and breathe easily. Zip the leather cover, and your gimp is plunged into darkness and restricted to breathe in and out through the zipper while flooded with the leather smell.



1) Quality YKK steel zipper.
2) Reinforced eyelets for the lacing at the back. Thick laces for a solid grip.
3) Steel reinforced nose breathing holes.
4) Premium D rings and Buckles.
5) Collar attached with 20 quality rivets.
6) Inside the hood, all rivets and studs are lined with leather protecting the skin.
7) Quality stitching all around.
8) Generous leather hair-guard flap keeps even long hair out of the lacing.

Bondage Hood - Double skinned leather - BDSM Fetish Gimp mask

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