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Leather Pup Mitts...RUFF, RUFF! Force them to walk on all fours while they beg for your affection!


Give your canine some comfortable paws to crawl around! Excellent addition to your puppy play scenes.

These saddle leather hardshell, soft leather padding, and silicone are the perfect combination! These beautifully crafted leather mitts have adorable silicone paws with a realistic look and add extra comfort. Push their fists into the luxuriously soft leather padded interior, effectively taking away their ability to use their fingers. 


Choose your favorite colors! The hard shell comes in black, but you can choose the padding leather color and silicone color and size!

1) Includes D-Ring and Locking buckle for extra play.
2) Quality leather and silicone paws.
3) Has comfortable leather lining. No metal touches the skin.
4) We offer these Mitts in two sizes.
Size S/M: Fists 3'-4' inches or 8-10 cm.
Size L/XL: Fists 4'-5' Inches or 10-12 cm.

Bondage puppy play fist mittens mitts with silicone paws

Silicone Color
Soft padding color
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