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This is a hand crafted high quality leather restraint collar. The choker is a tribute for the Story of "O", a classic BDSM story!!! These premium O-ring cuff is 1 inches wide and reinforced with two layers of leather.

1) Story of "O" look!!!
2) All studs are covered by leather to protect your skin/body.
3) Premium O-ring and fittings.
4) Measures approx. 49 cm" in total length. Width is 1.5' inches/ 4 cm" in width.
5) Available in three size:
SIZE S/M Fits necks 12'-16.5' / 31-42 cm"
SIZE M/L Fits necks 14'-18.5' /36-47 cm"
SIZE XL Fits necks 18'-24' / 45-56 cm"
6) Quality stitching throughout.

Story of O, Bondage Restraint Collar, genuine leather O-ring choker, bdsm restra

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