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This new Bonbdsm tail offers a great way to express your pup self in a public or private!


Walk comfortably, worry-free. The tail harness design makes it very stable and gives the confidence to wear it on any occasion. It has a large leather surface that locks to a belt. The leather base is 1/4' inch(6 mm) in thickness, stitched all around, makes it very durable.

For extra security feeling, we pinned the tail to the leather base so you will never have to worry if the tail is in the right position or not.







1. Genuine leather and silicone.

2. Durable leather base 1/4' inch (6 mm) thickness.

3. Tail length approximately 11' inches (27 cm").

4. Optional leather belt with rolling buckle. Belt width 1 1/2' (38 mm), and 1/8' (3 mm) thick.

5. You can choose from three leather color variations.

6. Optional belt in four sizes: (follow your jeans size)

S - Jeans 28-34.

M - Jeans 32-38.

L - Jeans 36-42.

XL - Jeans 40-46.

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Silicone Color
Leather Color
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