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Blindfold their eyes, let the remaining senses focus on your sound, smells, and physical contact. Take your time, build a higher excitement and anticipation, as they cannot see what to expect. 
Bonbdsm Leather Blindfolds are a good starter for any fetish play and bondage restraints. Our "Donut" blindfolds are made from beautifully saddle leather with a donut shape padding and soft leather lining. The donut shape is designed specially to distribute the pressure around the eyes and to add extra comfort for long-term wear.

1) High-quality product - makes the overall experience realistic and well invested. 
2) Strong and durable rolling buckle - easy to adjust and fasten securely.
3) Leather lining - no metal touches the skin. 
4) Donut shape padded lining - extra comfort for long-term wear.

Donut Shape Leather soft Padded Blindfold

SKU: ิ้BH02
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