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Once locked inside this hood, it's a complete head trip, an absolute kick. This thick and soft padded hood will isolate anyone fully. With their senses leaving quickly, they become very submissive to their master's demands. The collar and the belts are easy to adjust and are all lockable. We added leather lining to ensure that none of the metal parts touched the skin.

The mouth hole is big enough for a cigar. 
Robust D rings for attachment of a  leash or other bondage gear. 

1) 3/4 inch (18mm) mouth hole. (big enough for a cigar)
2) Padded leather reinforcement for eyes, mouth, and ears. 
3) Premium D rings for leash attachment or other bondage gear. 
3) Leather straps with lockable buckles.
4) Can use the straps with or without padlocks.
5) All rivets are covered with leather on the inside to protect your skin.
6) Quality stitching all around.
7) Generous leather hair-guard flap keeps even long hair out of the lacing.
8) Thick laces for a solid grip.

Sensory deprivation medical hood gimp mask

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